Gary Gibbons

City: Hong Kong

I have been a user of Steinberg’s Padshop Pro from the very beginning. Love the fact that I can easily make my own sounds by using the granular engine. Love it so much that I have created over 10,000 presets. You could say I am addicted to the process. During the years I have included my Padshop sounds in the productions that I have produced for many clients here in Hong Kong and around the globe. It is definitely a part of my sound.

In 2016, I decided to pursue Online Music Foundry (OMF). Then shortly after the opening of the company, I released my first soundset called Granular Frame Drums on March 23rd. I learned a lot about the process and decided to continue the journey. Since then I have released 12 expansion packs making OMF the largest third-party source for Padshop sound instrument sets on the web.

Then in 2018, I created a private Facebook group for users of Steinberg’s Padshop, PS2 & Padshop Pro to meet and discuss programming tips, technical issues and basic knowledge. I decided that I wanted to share my knowledge with users and attempt to grow the Padshop community day by day and post by post. Since the opening of the page, I have made over 70 Padshop tutorials that are exclusively on the Padshop, PS2 & Padshop Pro - Users Group and over 100 videos on the OMF YouTube channel.

After the Padshop 2 release, I started making tutorials for Steinberg's VST Instruments & Plug-Ins. I really love Padshop 2’s new Spectral Oscillator. In combination with the granular engine, it has become an inspirational new virtual synth and sampler. It has so many new functions making the creation process easier and powerful.

As the Team Leader of this Stay Home Edition project, I would like to thank the team members for donating their time and sound designing skills. I would also like to thank the composers creating instrumental demos. I appreciate each one of you being a part of this project.

To learn more about me and my journey in the music business. Learn more here.

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